Thursday, June 14


It's been 5 years since my last confession.  My previous post mentions MySpace.  I don't even have a MySpace account anymore.  Facebook has taken over the world.  I have a list of 23 friend's blogs.  The only one I can remember being updated in the last 5 years is Amber's.  That's why I keep that list.  Thank you for your occasional post.  Five years ago I lived in Texas.  Five years ago I worked at KWTX.  I now live in Utah and am on my second job since.  I'm at KSL.  I suppose that this could very well be my last post for another 5 years.  In that case, I will preemptively update the next 5 years right now.  Just kidding.  I can't tell the future.

Saturday, September 15

MySpace killed the Blogger star.

Tuesday, August 14

2 hats

Today, in two unrelated incidences, two unrelated hats were in the middle of two unrelated roads. I drove over both of these two unrelated hats as well as the two unrelated roads. They were just sitting there.

Tuesday, July 17

Hot Air Balloon

5:30am show up at 400 schroeder. Not really knowing who I'm supposed to see, I just wander around. There are lots of balloons. 41 I believe. I decided to go into the building and see if I can find trouble. I get stopped by someone... Are you a pilot? He says. No, I'm looking for the helicopter pilot. Oh, he won't be here til 6:45. So I walk out back get a donut. Drive to the gas station to get a water. No dasani. Maybe I'll try the Fiji water. I'm not that fond of it. Go back and sit under a tent and get eaten by mosquitos. Now I'm just walking around blindly.

6:05 The question now is, am I gonna fly or not? Because of the cloud cover. VFR or something like that. Can I trust a pilot that needs to see the ground to fly? The best part is... A new channel 6 reporter showed up. While we were standing there, a guy said to another about me, "can you make sure he connects with the helicopter pilot when he gets here?" I'm sure she wished she was going up in a helicopter.

6:25 Pilot shows up. Heading to McGregor airport.

6:35 arrive at airport. Take off at 6:45. Sunrise from helicopter thru the clouds was awesome.

7:25 returned to airport due to cloud cover. Sitting in hangar. Mosquitos are horrible.

8:00 leaving airport. Postponed til tomorrow.

Monday, July 16

Bad Nuts

I love eating peanut M&Ms. They taste so good. But every now and then I run into a bad nut. By the time I realize its a bad nut its too late. Today I had a bag of peanut M&Ms. They tasted so good. That is until I ran into a bad nut. By the time I ate the bad nut I was at the end of the bag. There weren't any good ones to get rid of the bad nut taste. So now I write this blog with a bad taste in my mouth. I need a drink.

Saturday, June 30

Worth the Wait?

Anticipation for a new movie or a new product makes people do outlandish things they wouldn't normally do. Some people dress up as characters from a new movie, or stand in line for days awaiting the arrival of a new product. Is it really worth the wait? Maybe in New York, where there are so many people that the fear of being turned away makes one leave work to camp out just to be one of the first. The hot sun, beating down on you. You start to smell. TV stations start to show up, to show off these desperate people. Would all this happen in Waco? Would enough people stand in line for days hoping to get a product before they run out? I wouldn't think so. So what if a person decided that they wouldn't stand in line for days, even hours. What if this person just strolled on in, got 34th place in line, and within half an hour had the same experience with a new product that the first person had within 2 days of standing in line? Or 4 days? What if everyone that came in had the same experience. What if the person walking in after the line had dissipated picked up the same product within minutes? Wouldn't that just make you so angry that you had been standing in line for days? Or even hours? Maybe you were first in line. Maybe you had the chance of getting the product before anyone else. What then? Maybe that's enough to make it worth the wait. But what about the second person? What is their bragging rights? Who says, "I was second." For such a situation, I contend that it isn't worth the wait. Being number 34 in a line and waiting 30 minutes is worth the wait and lack of bragging of being "first" or even "second" aren't that big of a deal. Waiting in line 30 minutes for something that someone waited for days in the same line is the real bragging right. And who buys apple sauce at a restaurant in the middle of the night?

Monday, June 25


I'm having a bad computer day. My computer crashed at work... Disk Utility Couldn't fix it... two other methods wouldn't fix it. DiskWarrior is going at it right now... could take days. So I get home... my computer at home does the exact same thing right down to the same error messages in Disk Utility. Argh! Then Caleb turned on the dishwasher that hadn't been used in 10 years and it caught on fire. Then I walked into a spiderweb while I was talking on the phone so it got in my mouth. Then at 10:30 I went up to work to pick up Ben's DiskWarrior so I could fix my computer. It didn't work on the work computer. Trusty Rusty was walking by and he said that his harddrive in his laptop had crashed on Saturday.